What is eStream Stores Online?


How do I make Online Orders work?

The 'eStream Stores Online' web application enables your customers to order goods online over the Internet, from your store.

The application interfaces directly to your Point Of Sales database automatically, over the Internet.

Your customers can then browse your store online and create a purchase order, either to be delivered or picked up.

The system then sends the completed order directly to your store's 'eStream System 5' Point of Sale (POS) System,  via the Internet.

The order is entered directly into your POS System, automatically, and is accessible by any of your cashiers, or store personnel to complete,
The order can then either be delivered to your customer, or picked up  at your place of business.

Payment can either be collected at the time of pickup or delivery, (or charged to their store account) or taken online via Credit Cards or Paypal. A PayPal Merchant services account must be setup in order for online payments to be enabled.

When an order is created:
  • Your store receives an email with details of the order.
  • Your customer receives a confirmation email with the same details.
  • The order is automatically generated in your POS database
  •  COD Orders are distributed to the POS Lanes and pre-paid orders are managed in the Back Office 'Orders Shipment' module.

From there, your store personnel can:
  • Adjust the order if necessary
  • Reply to the email directly if needed.
  • Create a Picking Slip for loading the order.
  • Create an Invoice to accompany the order
  • Complete the sale to cash, charge etc. and produce a receipt.
  • See customer shipping details on the Receipt/Invoice/Picking Slip.



  At your premises, you will require:
  • The eStream System 5 Point of Sales (POS) software system.
  • A dedicated POS database server available online 24/7.
  • A dedicated set of pages for your store on this website.
  • A fast cable, fiber optic or ADSL broadband service.
  • A commercial grade router installed.
  • Additional Back Office training. 
  • PayPal  account  if online payments are required.
  • PayPal Merchant Services
    You will need to:
  • Specify which of your products appear online.
  • (Optionally) acquire pictures for your online products.
  • Acquire pictures for your Areas, Departments and Categories.
  • Acquire a graphic logo header for your site.
  • Setup an email notification system.
  • Setup any additional marketing or social networking accounts required to introduce your customers to the concept.
  • (Contact us for more information.)


Your customers will then be able to:
  • Browse your stores catalogue online.
  • Setup a password protected account.
  • Enter and maintain their shipping/billing address and details.
  • Create an order with delivery or pickup options.
  • Print a confirmation of the order from the site.
  • Receive an email confirmation.
  • Pay upon pickup at the store or delivery.


A great advantage to this system is that it is very simple to maintain:
  • We help with the initial setup, to get you online quickly.
  • No export import operations required.
  • The eStream software maintains the site data automatically.
  • Manage pictures and items on the site from your Back Office.
  • Maintenance is only required at the Back Office software, none on the site itself.